Horse Classes

Rules & Regulations for Horse Classes
(All exhibitors must be paid members of the Agricultural Society)
Director In Charge: Bill McKnight 204-646-2050,

Cassidy Emms 204-861-0685



¨ Mail entries to: Lundar Agricultural Society, Box 687,Lundar, Manitoba

“Show begins Friday, June 14th at 9am

“ There will be a $4.00 exhibitors fee paid once per rider.

¨ All entries must be mailed by Saturday, June 1, 2019. Entires must be paid for prior to fair.

¨ Late entires After June 1st, including entering day of, will result in entry fees doubling and a $5.00 office fee per entry form.

“No refunds on scratches

“ All late entries must be entered 3 classes before. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

“ All entries must be paid before receiving a number.

*** LIVESTOCK RELEASED AT 5:00 PM FRIDAY**. Failure to comply shall constitute forfeiture of all prize monies.

¨ No entries will be accepted by telephone, only by mail or in person. If
entries are mailed, please check to see if your entry has been received
upon entering the fairgrounds.

¨ Please specify on the entry form the number of horses, light and heavy,
which you are bringing.

¨ All stall space will be assigned by Directors. If horses exceed stalls we
can not guarantee stall space.

¨ Age determined as of January 1st, current year. Lead line (8 & under) Pee Wee (10 & under);
Junior (13 & under); Intermediate (14-18 years); Senior (19 years & over);
Open (All ages).

“Pee Wees entering into Junior Classes are expected to lope.


  • WESTERN: Boots with heel, western shirt, western pnants, western hat
  • ENGLISH: English boots, Riding breeches, jacket, riding helmet

¨ No more than two entries in any one section will be permitted per

¨ Any horses or pony may only show in one halter class, except where
specified for championship.

¨ Only fullblood registered horses allowed in registered classes (to be
accompanied by their papers). Breeding certificate will be allowed for
current year foals.

¨ All saddle classes to be shown under western saddle except where specified.

¨ All horses competing on Friday should be in their stalls by 7:30am June 14, 2019. This rule does not apply to the Novelty class.

A horse may compete twice in each event, but only once in each age division. A person can ride more than one horse.

Stallions shown by seniors only.

If entering walk/trot classes, you cannot enter any event with loping with the same horse/rider combination

¨ The Novelty classes will be on Friday afternoon. If you are interested in the class you will be expected to be ready.

¨ Any horse misbehaving or not under control will be dismissed from the grounds and will not be allowed to take part in the remainder of the show.

¨ The owner of any sick horse with coughing problems or runny noses which could be a threat to the healthy horses will be informed by a director to remove their horse(s) from the fair grounds.

Exhibitor numbers required to be worn in order to show, otherwise exhibitor may be exempt from the ring.

The Directors reserve the right to pay prizes on a percentage basis in case of deficit. In the event of disaster or rainout, so that livestock classes can not be shown, prize money will be paid on a percentage basis with each entry in a class receiving equal treatment.

Prize money for Senior, Intermediate and Junior. PEEWEE receive prizes.

Prize money 1st $15, 2nd -$10, 3rd  $8, 4th -$5, 5th – Ribbon (unless otherwise stated)

Judges decision is final in all cases.

NISC rules  NISC Rules and Regulations .doc

Horse Ring Program

Friday, June 14, 2019


(subject to change)

9am Light Horse Halter classes
Mini Horse Halter Classes
Light Horse jackpot

English classes

Crossrails, Costume
12:00 pm – 1 Break

1:00 Trail Stakes
Western Classes
Speed Events
Mini Driving
Mini Speed

**Order of go will be Sr, Int, Junior except speed events are Jr, Int then Sr

Saturday, June 15, 2019
There will be a 3 minute grace allowed to wait for contest between classes in the ring, then they will be a scratch with no refund.
2:00 pm sharp
Draft Horse showmanship
Draft Horse Halter Classes
10:00 am

Hackney Classes
Draft Hitch
Hackney Hitch


Contact Horse Director with any questions.

Lundar’s 29th Annual Jackpot Horse Show
Class 40 – Friday, June 14th 2019
(immediately following the Halter Classes)
Entry Fee $20 – Entries must be in by June 1, 2019
$4 exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries
The total Jackpot will be $200 plus $10 from each entry
The Champion entry will receive 60% of the pot
The Reserve entry will receive 40% of the pot

Sec. 501: Light Horse Class
Jackpot of $100 – Champion receives the Trophy donated by K & R Stuart, Eriksdale, MB

Each entry will consist of three horses. All three horses must be shown together and must be shown in their appropriate Halter classes. All horses must be bona fide property of exhibitor for at least 30 days.

This show has been sponsored by the following Producers:

K & R Stuart
Bill McKnight
Ken Sweetland

Horse Classes
Entry Fee: $3.00 per entry per section and
$4.00 Exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries.
(Except as noted otherwise)

Class 17 – Pee Wee Classes
10 years & under
Will show at 1pm on Friday
Entry fee $5.00 covers all 4 sections plus additional $4.00 exhibitor fee.
(May only show in #402 or #403 NOT BOTH)
If you show in peewee you will not be able to show in the Junior Division.
All exhibitors will receive a gift.

401. Showmanship – Trophy donated by Bob Millar, Oak Point
402. Lead Line (8 & under)
403. Walk Trot
404. Western Pleasure
405. Barrel Racing

Class 18 Showmanship (NISC)
Entry fee $5 per entry, per section
$4 exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries.
Jr 13 & under, Int 14-18 years, Senior 19 & over
(60% on handler, 40% on horse)
1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $8, 4th $5, 5th Ribbon Only
406. Junior Showmanship
407. Intermediate Showmanship
408. Senior Showmanship

Halter Classes
Entry fee $5 per entry, per section
$4 exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries
1st.$12, 2nd.$10, 3rd.$8, 4th.$6, 5th Ribbon Only

Class 19 – Halter Class – Light Horse
409. Yearling or 2 yr. old
410. Mare 3 yr old & over
411. Gelding 3 yrs and over
412. Registered Stallions over 3 years
413. Champion & Reserve of 409-412…Ribbons Only Trophy donated by Cassidy Emms, Inwood, MB

Class 20 – 4-H Members Only
Entry fee $5 per entry, per section
$4 exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries.
1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $8, 4th $5, 5th Ribbon Only
(Judging 60% on rider, 40% on horse)
Proof of membership is required.
Jr 13 yrs & under, Senior 14-19 yrs

414. Senior 4-H Western Horsemanship – trophy donated by New Rosedale Feeds
415. Junior 4-H Western Horsemanship – trophy donated by New Rosedale Feeds
416. Senior 4-H Western Pleasure
417. Junior 4-H Western Pleasure

Class 21 – Saddle Classes (NISC)
Entry fee $5 per entry, per section
$4 exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries.
Juniors (13 yrs & under)
Intermediate (14 – 18 yrs)
Senior (19 yrs and over)
1st.$15, 2nd.$10, 3rd.$8, 4th.$5, 5th. Ribbon only

Section No.
420. Junior English Pleasure
421. Intermediate English Pleasure
422. Senior English Pleasure
423. Junior Western Pleasure
424. Intermediate Western Pleasure
425. Senior Western Pleasure
426. Junior Reining
427. Intermediate Reining
428. Senior Reining
429. Junior Horsemanship – Trophy – Jennifer Emms Memorial Trophy by Emms Family
430. Intermediate Horsemanship – Trophy – J.W. Nikkel Memorial Trophy by Doris Nikkel
431. Senior Horsemanship – Trophy – New Rosedale Feeds

Class 22 – Novelty Classes
$4 exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries
Ribbons only, No entry fees.
(Except sec 434 as noted below)
432. Egg & Spoon
433. Ribbon Race
434. Open Costume Horse & Rider ($3 Entry Fee)
1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $8, 4th $5, 5th Ribbon Only
Open Costume Horse & Rider both dresses 75% costume, 25% horse (Mini costume runs at the same time)

Class 23 Speed Events (NISC)
$5 entry per class
$4 exhibitor fe per person, must accompany all entries.
Junior High Point Trophy: Boneyard repair, Eriksdale, Mb
Intermediate Hight Point Trophy: Bill & Audrey memorial trophy by the Kinkead family
Senior High Point Trophy: Alvins Muffler & Repair, St.Laurnet, Mb
1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $8, 4th $5, 5th $4
Junior 13 & under, Intermediate 14-18yrs, Senior 19 & over

435. Junior Barrels
436. Intermdiate Barrels
437. Senior Barrels
438. Junior Poles
439. Intermediate Poles
440. Senior Poles
441. Junior Keyhole
442. Intermediate Keyhole
443. Senior Keyhole
444. Junior Flag Race
445. Intermediate Flag Race
446. Senior Flag Race

Class 24 – Trail Stakes Jackpot
Entry fee $15
$4 exhibitor fee per person, must accompany all entries
Prize will be $100 plus $10 from each entry fee.
1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%

455. Trail – Trophy -Diane Erickson memorial Trophy by Jim & Wanda Brandson

** subject to change**

Junior Highpoint – speed events – Boneyard General Repair

Intermediate Highpoint – speed events – Bill & Audrey Kinkead memorial trophy by the Kinkead family.

Senior highpoint – speed events – Alvin’s Muffler & repair

Halter Aggregate – New Rosedale Feeds

Light horse entry form 2019horseentry

Heavy:Mini:Hackneyentry    Heavy horse, hackney & miniature entry form

Thank you to our sponsors ~ Lundar Garage Autopro ~ Alvin & Faye Goranson ~ Pat Cook ~ Ken & Wendy Sweetland ~ Karen Emms ~ Pleasant Oak Farm & Ranch Ltd ~ Bill McKnight ~ Debbie Heppner ~ David & Arlene Darknell